You may thinking of renting or buying a boat this year. However, without experience, you may not know what type of boat best suits your needs. Before you set out to purchase or rent a boat, there are a few things about the basic types of boats that you need to know. Bowriders, fishing boats, speed boats, pontoon boats, and even boats used for watersports will all be discussed in this Boat Buyer's Guide. We will discuss these five boat types to help ensure that you get the right fit for your needs.


Bowriders are a type of boat that is put in the category of runabout boats. They can hold 6 to 10 people, with an open bow area. This is the ideal boat for relaxing water activities like tubing and fishing. This is a great boat for inland water like lakes since it is not made to withstand the waves in heavy water. If you plan to use your boat in lakes for casual family fun, or fishing with several people, then this boat is the ideal option for you.

On the other hand if you've already had a bowrider experience and looking to buy, then the Regal 1900 is an excellent choice. This is the only 19-foot bowrider with the award winning, patented FasTrac hull design. In independent testing, the Regal FasTrac hull has proven faster, handled better, and more fuel-efficient, than other 19's with comparable weight and power. This first-class performer also boasts more beam than all others at 8'3" and a has wealth of standard equipment.

2012 regal 1900 bowrider2012 Regal 1900 Bowrider for saleRegal 1900 BowriderRegal 1900 Bowrider for sale yhwatersports

Freshwater Fishing Boats

There are two types of fishing: freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Choosing the right freshwater boat will ensure a more desirable experience. A freshwater fishing boat is ideal for use in ponds, lakes, and inland bodies of water. These boats come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Usually, only equipped with enough seating for two or three people at a time. There are several forms of freshwater fishing boats like bass boats, cuddy boats, console boats, and more.

Speed Boats

If you have boating experience and looking for speed, this is an obvious choice. Speedboats, which are also known as motorboats, are powerful boats that have inboard engines along with an outboard motor for added power. These boats are known for their ability to go fast through the water. Speed boats are different in their size, design, and power, and becoming more popular year after year. Many people use these boats for things like water sports or just cruising in open bodies of water. They can also be used in both freshwater and saltwater bodies of water. As we will see later, speed boats are often used for watersports as well, making them some of the top choices of watersports athletes.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are popular family boats or for just relaxing. These boats are typically flat in design, with lots of space to move around and seat people. They are equipped with reserve buoyancy for larger decks along with other lounging areas. Typically, these boats are called “party barges” because they hold so many people at once. They can be used in more shallow waters, and the modern versions are made with more horsepower for towing tubers and water skiers. These are usually more low cost and much cheaper to insure than typical boats. If your looking to buy a pontoon boat, the Crest II has been the best value on the water since 1957

2016 Crest II 230 SL for sale.png2016 Crest II 230 SL for sale.2016 Crest II 230 SL for sale2016 Crest II 230 SL for sale

Watersports Boats

There are many boats that can be used for the watersports enthusiast to get the job done. Several of the boats mentioned in the article above are ideal for watersports, especially speedboats. These boats have a strong towing power, and they glide through the water fast. Pontoon boats are often used for recreational watersports but not for competitive sports. However, they are still ideal for towing passengers behind them in the water. Bowriders are great for watersports in a freshwater area since they tend to move fairly quickly in the water. However, bowriders shouldn’t be used in salt water.

For example if you're looking to rent a boat for watersports experience, then a SEA RAY 21SPX boat rental seen below is an excellent choice! If you’re a watersports enthusiast, you'll love the Yhwatersports 21 SPX Elevation Package. This includes everything an adrenalin thrill-seeker would need, including a watersports tower with bimini, Seadek® swim platform matting, and tower racks. Drivers can even activate Perfect Pass™ to guarantee smooth and consistent pulls for wakeboarders and skiers every time. No matter your favorite watersport, the Elevation Package makes it easy to hit the water running and create lifetime memories.
premium-ski-boatSEA RAY 21SPX rentalSEA RAY 21SPX rental 3SEA RAY 21SPX rental 4premium-ski-boat for rent gaSEA RAY 21SPX rental 2


Choosing the right boat is similar to choosing the right car. You need to know what sort of activities you will be using it for, and where you'll use it. Before you purchase or rent a boat,  you should always take your time, do research, and educate yourself. Pay attention to the price, functionality, and design. With the right knowledge on what to look for, you can make the best decision for your needs.

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