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Rental Policies

Rental Fee Paid Up Front:
o Rental is paid in full at the time of booking. Damage deposit is pre-authorized at time of possession.

Rental Age:
o Must be 21 years of age to rent or operate any of our boats or jet skis
Cancellation Policy
o Cancelations made 15 days or more from reservation date are subject to a 10% cancelation fee with all other monies being refunded. Cancelations made 14 days (two weeks) or less from reservation date will forfeit the entire reservation unless optional trip insurance is purchased at time of booking (see below).
o Trip Insurance: Can be purchased when reservation is made. Trip insurance allows cancelation up to 24 hours prior to rental with 100% refund of rental cost minus insurance cost.
• Late Pickup
o Unless prior arrangements have been made with Young Harris Water Sports, customers are required to arrive at designated pickup location at least 30 minutes in advance of reservation time (allows for craft inspection, watercraft orientation, as well as Lake Orientation). These items must be covered therefore time will not be extended due to customer arriving later than 30 mins prior to rental time.
o Unauthorized late pickups (1 hour past rental time) will result in the forfeiture of watercraft as well as all associated charges. No refund or voucher will be issued for any amount. If craft (or driver if applicable) is still available then YHWS will rent you the craft, however rental time will not be extended.
• Weather Policy
o Young Harris Water Sports reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to dangerous weather conditions. In the case that Young Harris Water Sports cancels a reservation due to dangerous weather,
a gift card/voucher for the full rental amount will be issued to customer to be used later this year (no monetary refunds will be issued unless trip insurance was purchased at time of rental).
o Future weather forecast, slight drizzle, and cloudy weather are not justifications for the waiving of YHWS cancelation policy.
o Refunds or vouchers will not be issued for inclement weather once the vessel has departed for rental.
• Fuel Fee(s)
o Each vessel will be fully fueled at time of rental. Customer is responsible for paying for all fuel used during rental. Fuel costs vary depending on where it is refueled.
o Delivery Craft Only: There will be a $25 convenience fee charged if watercraft needs fuel upon return.
• Pet Fee
o Small pets (under 20lbs) are allowed on boats. A non-refundable pet fee of $50 will be accessed per day.
• Tow Equipment
o We are not the manufacture of the tow equipment and do not guarantee the functionality or use of said equipment.
o Tow equipment failure or non-use during rental period will not result in refund. If rental is at one of our on-site location’s customer is responsible for returning to rental facility as soon as failure occurs, and equipment will be replaced. If craft has been delivered customer is responsible for picking up replacement equipment from rental office in Young Harris.
• Late Fee
o Each watercraft returned late will be charged a $75 per 15 minutes late fee. Other renters may be renting the craft behind you so please be courteous to your fellow renters. Late fee may be waived if prior arrangements are made and approved by YHWS staff. In these cases, the customer will be charged at standard rates for additional time.

• Damage Deposit

o Damage deposit (varies by craft) and a portion will be pre-authorized on credit card (cash can be used as well) prior to craft possession on lessees credit card on file for each watercraft rented.  Damage as well as cleaning and/or fuel charges can be charge against pre-authorization.
o If damage occurs damage deposit pre-authorization will be taken and YHWS will take the craft to be accessed (by repair shop of YHWS choosing) for remaining repairs required to get watercraft back to condition is was prior to rental. If required repairs cost more that the deposit the lessees credit card on file will be charged the remaining amount plus associated costs (including but not limited to transportation fees, parts, labor, and lost revenue).o A lost revenue fee of $450-$1,000 p/day will be charged to renter for each day the damaged craft is not able to be rented due to incurred damages (amount is dependent of vessel).
o Damage Waiver: Damage waiver can be purchased (varies by craft) prior to rental. If damage waiver is purchased the customer would only be responsible for ½ the damage deposit of watercraft damaged (rather than full amount). All other damages and associated fees will be waived for that watercraft. Damages due because of damage occurred to boats not owned by YHWS will not be covered by damage waiver. Damages to other YHWS owned boats not covered under damage waiver will not be covered as well.
• Rental Vessel
o We do not guarantee a specific brand or model of rented vessel just type (i.e. ski, wake, pontoon, fishing etc.). Pictures on the website are a depiction of the type of watercraft available to rent not the specific make or model.
o Every effort will be made to make sure non-essential equipment is working on your rental craft, but do not guarantee it. Non-essential equipment includes radios, depth finders, gas gauges, trim gauges, all equipment that is not essential to the basic operation of the craft.
o Non-functioning non-essential equipment will not result in a reduction or discount of rental charges or replacement vessel.
o We reserve the right to substitute rented craft in the event of craft break down with a comparable model if available.

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