Lake Rabun


Lake Rabun

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Delivery Drop-Off Location(s): Hall’s Boat House
Minimum Rental: 3 Days
Delivery Fee: $150

General Information

Lake Rabun is the third in a series of five lakes along the Tallulah River which are operated by the Georgia Power Company. Located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, near Clayton, this long, winding lake is jet ski heaven. We have both jet ski and boat rentals available for this lake.

Lake Rabun was named after William Rabun who served in the state assembly and as president of the senate before his election as governor in 1817. He died in office in 1819 and the county was named in his honor that year. The hard rock gorges and dramatic drop made it the perfect place for a series of dams to generate power. In spite of the battle waged by environmentalists (the largest ever, in 1913), the dams were built and the river became a trickle.The 835-acre lake has facilities for boating and fishing as well as camping and lodging. Nacoochee Park is just one of the recreation areas along Lake Rabun’s 25 miles of shoreline. Located on the north end of the lake, Nacoochee Park is a great place to picnic or just relax.

Lake Rabun at full pool is 1689.6 ft. at the Terrora Dam and is located in Rabun County, Georgia.

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