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Decide on a rental location

When you choose to rent a watercraft on a delivery lake where we do not have a physical location, we have flexibility on where you can take possession of your watercraft. When making your reservation with one of our customer service representatives, you can indicate to them your rental home address (or at least an estimated area). This will allow our delivery manager to locate the closest boat launch to your home. If you already know of a boat launch nearby to your home, please feel free to let us know. Our goal is to make the drop-off and pickup of your watercraft as hassle free as possible. If no boat launch is selected during the reservation process, we will contact you later with the name and address of the boat launch once we have located an adequate drop-off location.

Contact our customer service department at 706.896.0834 or check watercraft availability online

Once you have selected your lake and have confirmed your desired rental dates, give us a call to check craft availability. Additionally, you can check craft availability using our online reservation system. However, it is always a good idea to speak with one of our representatives in person. Because we operate a delivery fleet AND keep watercraft at various on-site rental locations, we may be able to shift watercraft around to meet your specific rental needs.

Communicate with your delivery specialist

As the date of your rental approaches, you can expect a call from one of our delivery specialists a day or so prior to confirm drop-off times, tow equipment as well as any last minute changes or requests, but most importantly to exchange contact information with you. We want your rental to be a very personal experience. By contacting you ahead of time, we feel we can reduce the risk of errors and mistakes; in return, making your rental much more enjoyable for the entire family. Additionally, should you need any assistance throughout the duration of your rental, you will have a direct contact (in addition to our main office) for any questions or concerns that may arise.

Take possession of your watercraft

On the day of your reservation, our delivery specialist will make one last call to you prior to leaving our base of operations. Your delivery specialist will then meet you at the designated drop-off location (ideally 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled rental time). This allows adequate time to fill out paperwork and go through a brief craft orientation. We want you to feel comfortable with the watercraft and will remain with you as long as you need to ensure you are ready to get underway.

Optional: When you take possession of your watercraft, it is given to you with a full tank of fuel; therefore, you are responsible for filling up the tank upon return. Due to inflated gas prices at marinas, we offer the option of pulling the craft out of the water and re-fueling it at a gas station on our way back to our base of operations ($25 convenience fee). This saves our customers an average of $1.00-$2.00/gallon. With some of our wake boats equipped with 50-60 gallon fuel tanks, you can see how this can keep some money in your pocket. However, you are more than welcome to fill the boat at a marina prior to returning the craft.


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