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Are pets allowed on the watercraft?
Answer: At YHWS, we are all pet lovers so we allow pets under 20 lbs on the boats with a additional pet fee per day.  However larger dogs are not allowed for safety and boat maintance reasons.

Is fuel included with our watercraft rental?
Answer: Fuel is not included with your rental and will vary based on the duration of your rental. Fuel consumption is directly dependent on the weight of the watercraft, occupancy, water conditions and your riding style.

What is YHWS’s cancellation policy?
Answer:  Trip insurance can be purchased when reservation is made. Trip insurance allows cancelation up 24 hours proir to rental for any reason with 100% refund of rental cost. Otherwise, cancellations are refundable 15 days or more from reservation date less 10% (cancelation fee). Cancelations 14 days (two weeks) or less will forfeit entire reservation.  Late vessel pick (over one hour) customer forfeits rental and vessel can be rented to another guest. Customer may call ahead and let us know they are running late, and we hold craft, but there will be no reduction in rental fee.

Do we need to bring our own equipment?
Answer: No. Although you are welcome to bring your own vests or water sports equipment, vests are included with each rental and we have a full line of water sports equipment available to purchase or rent.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?
Answer: Young Harris Water Sports reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to dangerous weather conditions.  In the case that Young Harris Water Sports cancels a reservation due to dangerous weather, a credit voucher for the full rental amount will be issued to customer to be used at a later date (no monetary refunds will be issued unless trip insurance was purchased).   Refunds or vouchers will not be issued for inclement weather once the vessel has departed for rental.  Future weather forecast, slight drizzle and cloudy weather are not justifications for the waiving of Young Harris Water Sports cancelation policy.

How fast are the jet skis?
Answer: The jet skis we rent are capable of reaching speeds of 55-60 mph. However, the weight of the riders and water conditions may influence the top speed of the craft.

How many people can ride on a Jet Skis?
Answer: Although our Jet Skis are 3-seat watercraft with a weight capacity of around 530 lbs, for safety reasons we only allow 2 riders per craft.

Do you have to mix oil with the gas in the Jet Skis?
Answer: No. These machines have four-stroke engines, which means all you have to do is put gas in them. When you rent one of your machines they are fully fueled and you never have to check or add oil. Just make sure you don’t run out of gas!

How many people can we take on each craft?
Answer: Capacity ratings vary by craft. Please visit the craft page for each craft you are interested in or call our office to confirm capacity ratings.

How do the deliveries work?
Answer: When having a watercraft delivered to the lake of your choice, we recommend you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your reservation time. This is so we can fill out all necessary paperwork and walk you through a detailed craft orientation. Arriving early allows us to get you out on the water on time. The craft is then handed over to you with a full tank of gas and it is your responsibility to return it with a full tank (alternatively, we can re-fuel it for you for an additional $25.00 convenience fee). When you return, we will inspect the craft for any damages and remove all of the rental equipment for you. Please see our page on Our Delivery Service for more information.

How are multi-day rental rates calculated?
Answer: When craft are dropped off for delivery or checked out at one of our locations that is considered the first day of your rental.  All craft are due by 5:00pm on the final day, however if your schedule dictates you can obvious drop off early.  For example if you had a three day reservation starting Monday at 12:00 (noon) it would be due back or picked up by Wednesday at 5:00 pm. The day you take possession of the vessel and the day you turn it in count as day when calculating rental rate.  Keep this in mind when choosing days and time s to maximize your time on the water.

What if I do not see my lake in my service area?
Answer: If you are interested in renting one of our watercraft on your lake and do not see it on our list of delivery lakes, feel free to contact us and we may be able to accommodate you.

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