Watercraft Damage Waiver


No one plans to have an accident. YHWS offers peace of mind starting at $25/day

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my auto or home owners policy cover me in the event of an accident or damage?
Estimated Cost of Repairs
Policies, Pricing & Coverage
Do I really need a damage waiver?

Will my auto or home owners policy cover me in the event of an accident or damage?

Most personal insurance companies exclude coverage for a “rental” jet ski or boat. This includes most homeowners policies, personal auto policies, etc.

Propeller $140 – $750
Damaged Lower Unit $2,500 – $4,500
V-Drive Shaft Replacement $2,000 – $4,500
Fiberglass Repair $500 – $8,500
Jet Ski Hood Replacement $400 – $1,700

Policies, Pricing & Coverage

Jet Ski $25
Center Console $45
Pontoon $45
Ski Boat/Tri-toon $45
Wake Boat $65

Click here to read through our Watercraft Rental Damage Waiver PDF. Here you will find more detailed information about what the policy DOES and DOES NOT cover.

Policy Deductible vs. Damage Deposit

The chart below shows what the policy deductible savings compared to the standard damage deposit. Please keep in mind that without the damage waiver the renter is responsible for all damage even if it exceeds the damage deposit.

Jet Ski $500 $1,000
Center Console $750 $1,500
Pontoon $750 $1,500
Ski Boat $1,000 $2,000
Wake Boat $1,250 $2,500

Do I really need a damage waiver?

This program buys our customers a bit of leniency with those little scuffs and scratches and also reduces the liability exposure for a majority of other issues our customers face. Most of our customers return our rental equipment in great shape, but accidents sometimes occur. Because of this, we have introduced this program at the request of our customers to offer peace of mind while on the water.

Although you may take care of the equipment, in some instances the damage is not always your fault. For example, you have your rental boat docked at a marina to eat lunch. While you are inside an inexperienced boater arrives and bumps into the jet ski or boat. They damage a section of the fiberglass hull and before you can find out who they are they take off across the lake — leaving you stuck with the bill.

Another example would be hitting a submerged rock, log or stump; which, can be a very costly repair.

One of the big advantages of our program is that it releases the renter from the loss of rental revenue clause in the rental agreeement. If boat is damaged and unavaible for rent for a week while getting repaired due to an accident, the renter is responsible for this loss revenue. The damage waiver covers this and can potentially save you thousands.