Lake Chatuge Wake Shop


Wake shop interior
Whether you are a wakeboarder, kayaker or boater, you will find what you need for a safe & fun day out on the water at our Young Harris Water Sports Wake Shop. We carry the top brands of wakeboards, water sports gear as well as many other options to suit all of our customers. This includes everything from life jackets, to kayaks and sunglasses. You name it, we’ve got it! In fact, our inventory is one of the most impressive that you’ll find near the waterfront. We are fully stocked with some of the most important things that you might be looking for, including: helmets, bindings, boards, backpacks, clothing items and other protective gear. You will find all of this and much more at our wake shop near the water located off of Hwy 76. If you’re new to water sports, you’ll find tons to discover at our store, and you’ll learn about all of the fun things you can do at the lake while browsing our inventory. If you need some assistance, our friendly staff are here to help you pick the right gear and choose the right equipment.


In the market for a new boat or a Waverunner? We’ve got you covered! We offer a wide selection of boats and waverunners to satisfy every customer no matter what type of experience you’re looking for. Our brands include: Bayliner, Yamaha, Princecraft, Heyday and Lowe boats. Do you have the need for speed? Check out our super fast Waverunners and speedboats! Looking to lounge around with your family and have lunch on the water? Check out our canopied boats with spacious seating!


Best of all, our Young Harris Water Sports Wake Shop is located en route to the marina for added convenience. This means that you can get in, out and onto the water without taking any detours for equipment or additional supplies. Other water sports shops that are located far from the water make it difficult and tedious to prepare for a day out on the lake. Prepared in advance or not, our convenient location makes it possible for you take spontaneous day trips to the lake for all kinds of water sports fun.


We only offer the best water sports gear because safety is our number one priority. We also know that when customers buy products from us, they’re putting their safety into our hands. We do our best to ensure that every product or piece of equipment is superior in quality and meets or exceeds current safety standards. This is one of the most important things that we do in our business and for our community. We want you to feel safe out on the water, and we do our part to make this a reality.


At Young Harris Water Sports, you’ll always receive top notch customer service from our highly trained staff. When our customers are happy, we are happy and that’s what motivates us to deliver the best and be the best in the Young Harris area. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can answer questions about our gear and equipment and even provide information on popular water sports and activities. We also strive to provide a friendly and speedy checkout to get you back on the water as quickly as possible.


Our community has trusted our quality supplies and services for over 16 years, and we intend to continue to maintain the quality that the water sports community has come to depend on in the Young Harris area. This means keeping up with all the latest safety standards, staying on top of all of the biggest trends, and understanding the demands of the water sports community. Our passion lies in helping you get active and do the things you love most in water sports, and our team is committed to staying on top of these trends and safety standards to anticipate your needs.


We have a selection that will meet the needs of water sports enthusiasts from novice to pro. Stop by and have a look around next time you’re in the area. We’d love to see you there!